C-Root Apex Locator

  • Key Features:
  • 1. Adopt the III dual frequency measurement technology, display with large LCD
  • 2. Measuring will not be effected by environment, no matter the root is dry or full of Electrolyte. It can measure precisely
  • 3. Manify the apex zone, display with 11 scales, precision can reach 0.1mm
  • 4. Number and scales display the detecting position synchronously
  • 5. With sonar alarm when it is in narrow zone and the sonar volume can by regulated
  • 6. Auto-check when starts up, calibrate the data previously, remain the operation precision
  • 7. The narrow zone of apex can be regulated by the doctor if it’s needed
  • 8. Low power consumption design, super long using time, power supplied by no.7 battery, with 7 scales battery indication
  • 9. The accessories can be sterilized with high temperature, prevent the patients from cross infection

Technical Features

 Voltage: DC 7.5V
Power consumption: <0.05W
Static current: <10uA
Display mode: LCD
Running method: Short time
Equipment Classification: Class ii medical Instrument Classification index
Thunder protect classification: type BF style mobile spatter-protect equipment

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